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Keeping the Westside in the Know

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Community Communication Boards

At the entrance to all North Westside communities there are NWCA Community Communication Message Board structures set up.  These boards serve as shelters and communication and are maintained by the community members of the North Westside. 

You can find upcoming events, want ads, business cards, and business promotional flyers. 

Westshore Estates

Located on the Landing area at Westshore Road Entrance.

North Westside Transfer Station

Message board is located inside the transfer station by the bins.

Killiney Beach

Entrance into Killiney Upper Community on Udell Road.

Ewings Landing

Located just off of Westside Road.


Located just on the right off of Westside Road.

Valley of the Sun

At the main entrance into the Valley of the Sun on the left.


Located inside the main Fintry entrance at the top of Westside.

La Casa

NWCA ads can be found in LaCasa Store and Market.

Newsletter Archives

Over 100 issues of History

Westside Post

Our Local Community Paper

The Okanagan's favorite community paper serving all the communities along historic Westside Road is no longer in print or distribution.  


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