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NWCA Membership

Support making the Westside the Best side by becoming a member. Your membership plan is based on your residential address.

Start enjoying the benefits of being an NWCA member by joining today!

  • How do I become a member?
    You can show your support by becoming an NWCA member by signing up right here on our website or visit the NWCA table at all our community events. Your plan depends on your residential address. If you live starting north at Westshore Estates and in between ending at La Casa Resort you are a voting member. If you live outside these areas you are a non voting member.
  • What is included in my NWCA membership?
    Access to Sports Programs including Wolfpack Baseball / Soccer Teams Archive Access to Newsletters Business Directory Access and Free listings for locals North Westside Library Membership Digital NWCA Monthly Newsletter subscription Discount on Hall Rentals for events / banquets Discount on St Pattys and Howler Dance Tickets Discount on NWCA Sponsored Events Free Entrance to Hippie Markets Discount and Priority access for Market Vendor Tables Free Admission to Music in the Park Events All children/minors under the age of 18 are exempt from any fees. To participate on any of the North Westside Community Association sports teams, one of the guardians must be an NWCA active member.
  • How much does an NWCA Membership cost?
    It costs $10CAD flat rate per year per adult member. There is no charge for ages under 19.
  • What is the difference between a voting and non-voting membership?
    We have some incredible neighbouring communities who are friends and family that we like to include in our activities and available amenities while giving them the opportunity to support through donation. Non residing members would not be allowed to participate in voting at the yearly NWCA AGM, Annual General Meeting, which is traditionally held in the fall. You will find the notice and advertisement of upcoming AGM dates in our Newsletter and on our website. Voting member areas are between Westshore Estates and La Casa Resort.
  • When does my membership expire?
    All NWCA Memberships expire on December 31st, 2023 at 12pm midnight.
  • Where can I sign up and pay?
    You can get a membership from the NWCA Welcome Registration Table at all our events. You can also go and pay on our website on the form on our website - Membership | NWCA (
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