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The Annual General Meeting, is scheduled for

Tuesday, October 10, 2023 starting at 6:30pm to be held at

Killiney Beach Community Hall, 514 Udell Road, Vernon BC.

All North Westside Community Association voting members, residents who live in Westshore Estates to La Casa Resort, are welcomed and encouraged to come out to vote.

Please let us know if you would like to have your name added to the ballot.  

Make the difference and be the change in your North Westside community. 

Become a Member to Vote!

NWCA Executive Officers

Members shall elect the Executive NWCA Officers which are the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer yearly at every AGM.  These are 1 year terms.


1 Year Term

  • Provide leadership for the organization and collaborate with other directors.

  • Build and maintain relationships with external partners and stakeholders.

  • Handle conflict resolution within the organization.


1 Year Term

  • Manage financial transactions, recordkeeping, and financial resources.

  • Develop budgets that align with the organization's goals.

  • Explore and apply for grants to secure additional funding.

Vice President

1 Year Term

  • Support daily operations and collaborate with other directors.

  • Act as backup leader in the absence of the President.

  • Supervise the activities of committees and ensure alignment with organizational goals.

  • Lead special projects that contribute to the organization's strategic objectives.


1 Year Term

  • Maintain accurate records of meetings, decisions, and important documents.

  • Prepare meeting agendas and record minutes.

  • Facilitate effective communication among board members and stakeholders.

NWCA Board of Directors

The remaining number of Directors elected shall number at least 6(six) and no more thank 8(eight).  Directors will hold office for 2(two), one-year terms with the objective of only 50% Directors occurring in each year thereby ensuring continuity on the Board.  ** Denotes vacant roles in immediate need. 

Parks & Recreation Director

1 Year Term

  • Monitor the condition of local parks and take steps to improve them.

  • Identify opportunities for community engagement and lead initiatives.

  • Plan and coordinate recreational activities for the community.

Community Participation Director

2 Year Term

  • Develop and execute strategies for volunteer recruitment and community engagement.

  • Collaborate with other directors to ensure participation amongst programs and projects

  • Support fundraising and grant initiatives.

Library Director

2 Year Term

  • Manage the operations and activities of the community library.

  • Foster a welcoming and educational environment for library users.

  • Plan and execute functions for library users, youth groups, and other community groups.

Activities Director**

2 Year Term

  • Organize and execute various community activities.

  • Plan and oversee the execution of "Music in the Park", "SoundLab" and similar initiatives.

Community Hall Director

2 Year Term

  • Oversee the operations, maintenance, and improvements of the community hall.

  • Manage rental agreements and provide exceptional service to users.

  • Coordinate maintenance and other relevant upkeep.

The Board Seats that have another year on their term and are held and not up for election :

Events Director - Paige Taylor

Sports Director - Clayton Kam

Director - Scott Graham

NWCA Volunteers

The NWCA is in need of volunteers to aid in running our services. The following positions are in immediate need of fulfillment. 

Soccer Coach**

  • Share your Soccer Coach Skills every second Wednesday from 6 pm to 7 pm at Westshore Estates Community Park.

Equipment Repair and Maintenance**

  • Maintain and repair equipment at the equipment shed at Westshore Estates Community Park.

Good Food Box Driver**

  • Pickup on every third Thursday of the month between 8am and 10am from All Saints Anglican Church to deliver to Killiney Beach Community Hall for sorting.

Communications Volunteer**

  • Manage board gmail accounts.

  • Manage and update Facebook social media page.

  • Answer and direct all inbound messages to appropriate group or director from admin and communications gmail account.

Meeting Agenda

1.      Registration & Refreshments (6PM)

2.      Call to Order (6:30PM)

3.      Attendance

4.      Opening Remarks

5.      Approval 2023 AGM Agenda

6.      Invited Speakers – RDCO Area Director Wayne Carson

7.      Adoption of Minutes from the October 3rd, 2022 AGM

8.      Chair’s Report

9.      Treasurer’s Report and Approval of 2024 Budget & 5-Yr Plan

10.   Director Reports

11.   Election of Board of Directors

a.      Election of Officers: 4 Executive Officers (1 Year Term)

i.     President

ii.     Vice President

iii.     Secretary

iv.     Treasurer

b.      Election of Directors: 5 available (1 is a 1 year term and 4 are 2 Year Terms)

12.   Appointment of Audit Committee (2 Members) (1 Year Term)

13.   Community Engagement

a.      Q&A / Open Forum / Community Priorities

14.   Closing Remarks

15.   Adjournment

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