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2024 Board of Directors

NWCA Executive Officers

Executive seats are 1 year terms.


  • Provide leadership for the organization and collaborate with other directors.

  • Build and maintain relationships with external partners and stakeholders.

  • Handle conflict resolution within the organization.


  • Manage financial transactions, recordkeeping, and financial resources.

  • Develop budgets that align with the organization's goals.

  • Explore and apply for grants to secure additional funding.

Vice President

  • Support daily operations and collaborate with other directors.

  • Act as backup leader in the absence of the President.

  • Supervise the activities of committees and ensure alignment with organizational goals.

  • Lead special projects that contribute to the organization's strategic objectives.


  • Maintain accurate records of meetings, decisions, and important documents.

  • Prepare meeting agendas and record minutes.

  • Facilitate effective communication among board members and stakeholders.

NWCA Board of Directors

Directors elected shall number at least 6(six) and no more thank 8(eight). 

Directors will hold office for 2(two), one-year terms with the objective of only 50% Directors occurring in each year thereby ensuring continuity on the Board.

Parks & Recreation Director

  • Monitor the condition of local parks and take steps to improve them.

  • Identify opportunities for community engagement and lead initiatives.

  • Plan and coordinate recreational activities for the community.

Community Participation Director

  • Develop and execute strategies for volunteer recruitment and community engagement.

  • Collaborate with other directors to ensure participation amongst programs and projects

  • Support fundraising and grant initiatives.

Library Director

  • Manage the operations and activities of the community library.

  • Foster a welcoming and educational environment for library users.

  • Plan and execute functions for library users, youth groups, and other community groups.

Governance Director

  • Manage the operations and activities of the governance committee.

Activities Director

  • Organize and execute various community activities.

  • Plan and oversee the execution of "Music in the Park", "SoundLab" and similar initiatives.

Community Hall Director

  • Oversee the operations, maintenance, and improvements of the community hall.

  • Manage rental agreements and provide exceptional service to users.

  • Coordinate maintenance and other relevant upkeep.

Events Director


  • Plan and execute recurring annual events - the core events.  St Patricks Fundraiser Dance, Easter Egg Hunt, Canada Day, Halloween Howler Fundraiser Dance, and the Santa Meet and Greet. 

  • Coordinate event logistics, marketing, and participant engagement.

Sports Director

  • Organize and execute youth and community sports activities.

2023 NWCA Board of Directors

Vice President

Communications Director
Community Hall Director
Events Director
Events Director
Library Director
Grants Director
Parks & Recreation Director
Sports Director
Joshua Galloway
Scott Graham
Connie Rauch
Fawn Myndzak

Jaimie Dewar
Brandy Allison
Paige Taylor
Wendy Waters
Andrea Kveton
Eric Denison
Brooke Rohatyn
Clayton Kam
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