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St Pattys Fundraiser Dance

held on Saturday, March 18,2023 from 8pm to 1am at Killiney Beach Community Hall

A memorable time was had by all at our annual NWCA St Patty's Fundraiser Dance for our Easter Egg Hunt and BBQ.  Partygoers entering Killiney Beach Community Hall were greeted and checked by Brooke and Shelby at the door, then entered a masterfully decorated hall by Jessica and Cadi.  DJ Paul from Okanagan Dance Party had all generations bouncing to the beats.  Michelle and Callie had the drinks flowing and the food was a plenty as Fawn put the final touches on the charcuteries boards. Freeze dried treats from Freckleberries sweetened the night.  Paige and Jaimie enlisted the help of Denita and made a pot of gold by selling 50/50 tickets to our generous Westsiders.  Our winner, Garrett, was the ultimate leprechaun in disguise as he donated his winnings back to the upcoming Easter event.  Candace and Chris Campbell capped the night off by buying a last round for all who danced until the end.  
Enjoy our event video and hope to see you at the Easter Egg Hunt!

Our Volunteer Superstars behind the scenes:

NWCA Event Director Paige Taylor

NWCA Communication Director
Jaimie Dewar

NWCA Parks Director
Cadi Middleton

NWCA Secretary Director
Fawn Myndzak

Previous NWCA Board
Michelle Carson
Callie Simpson
Jessica Cousens

NWCA Community Volunteers
Brooke Roh
Denita Zimmerman
Shelby Kendall

Big appreciation to all our community members of all ages over 19 who came out danced and donated!  We successfully reached our goal!


Cadi made the entrance the photo spot of the night where North Westside Irish Delight memories were captured with props for all.


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