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Community Roadside Cleanup


APRIL 20, 2024
10AM - 2PM

The Annual Community Cleanup is an important event sponsored annually by the Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO). This event takes place every April as part of Community Cleanup month and encourages communities to come together and help keep the area clean and beautiful. The RDCO provides participating communities with all the necessary gear and supplies, such as gloves, garbage bags, and safety vests. We encourage everyone to participate in this important event to help keep our community looking its best.


2023 Cleanup Highlights

Hey Westsiders!


On Earth Day (April 22nd) our Community Roadside Cleanup was a huge success.  We had good weather and a small yet mighty, enthusiastic and hardworking workforce made up of YA Youth Group members, North Westside community and even some wonderful Parker Cove community members.


We hauled out many, many bags of garbage and recyclables found between Fintry and Westshore along 13kms of Westside Road.  We also found some weird items such as construction shingles, a large propane tank, a stove housing a family of mice, a box of bullets and a fully intact IPhone.


Many thanks and much appreciation goes out to Emma, Brynnley, Lexa, Jessica, Chisana, Stacey, Ryder, Nate K, Lucas, Jerry, Wendy, Geoff, Marie, Link, Kayden, Joel, Nate M, Max, Bree, Josh, Jacob, Jeremy, Scott, Judy, Jamie and granddaughter and cutie Priya.  Here is a picture of just some of them.


Also, thanks to Rae Stewart (RDCO), Wayne Carson and Jim Hicks for their support with supplies and disposal.  What a great community we live in!

~ Andrea Kveton, NWCA Library Director

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