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2023 Easter Egg Hunt & BBQ

Saturday, April 8,2023 from 12pm to 2pm at Westshore Estates Community Park

Thank You to Our Event Coordinators and Sponsors:

NWCA Event Director Paige Taylor

Previous NWCA Board Director

Michelle Carson

NWCA Communication Director
Jaimie Dewar

NWCA Secretary Director

Fawn Myndzak

NWCA President

Josh Galloway

NWCA Parks Director
Cadi Middleton

NWCA Vice President

Scott Graham

Killiney Beach Seniors

Donna Green

Special Community Volunteers

Brad Riley

N.W.S. Landscapes

The North Westside Fire Rescue Firefighters

YA Youth Group

Aleeya Williamson
Brooke Rohatyn
Callie Simpson

Ellen Taylor
Jessica Cousens
Lara Smith

Marge the Knitter

Heather Lastik
Cobs Bread on Anderson Way

Michelle and Maurice Greenwood
M Pro Properties

Candace and Chris Campbell
Killiney Concierge

RDCO Grant facilitated by Director Wayne Carson

NWFR Firefighters Society

Happy Easter 2023!

This year I had the pleasure of hosting my first community Easter egg hunt and BBQ. I couldn’t have done it without all the help and support from two very important people.


Michelle Carson, who’s been hosting this annual event for as long as I’ve been a part of this community, guided me the whole way through. Her commitment to community and energetic go to attitude made her the perfect mentor and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from the best!

Jaimie Dewar, NWCA communications director, fellow mom, and long time friend of mine, rounded off the team. Her organization and attention to detail helped ensure a smooth event for all to enjoy. Always working tirelessly behind the scene, it was nice to work side by side with her hosting both the St Patrick’s Day dance fundraiser and the Easter Egg Hunt and BBQ.

The three of us couldn’t have done it without the support of our fabulous community and all the day of volunteers and event sponsors. Thank you to the NWCA team! Josh Galloway, Scott Graham, Catherine Middleton, and Fawn Myndzak all stepped up to help wherever needed. Brad Riley from N.W.S. Landscapes, The North Westside Fire Rescue Firefighters, Lara Smith, Callie Simpson, Wayne Carson, Donna Green, Brooke Rohatyn, Aleeya Williamson, Ellen Taylor, Jessica Cousens, Michelle and Maurice Greenwood from M Pro Properties, and the NWCA YA Youth Group all volunteered happily to help make this day happen for the North westside community families, and I can’t thank them enough.

Lastly, thank you to our sponsors! Huge shout out to Heather from Cobs Bread in Vernon, Ryan Hargreaves from the LaCasa Kitchen, Candace Campbell from Killiney Concierge, Marge the Knitter, the NWFR Firefighters Society, and the RDCO.

~Paige Taylor, NWCA Events Director


Photos of last years fun!

easter special.JPG

Easter 2023

Special Edition Newsletter



A Special Easter Edition Newsletter was sent out to subscribers.


2022 Easter Egg Hunt


Saturday, April 16, 2022

After a 2-year hiatus our Annual NWCA Easter Egg Hunt returned and was a success!  Thank you to all the volunteers for making this an event that was enjoyed by all ages and to the NWFR and OKIB Firefighters for attending, we are grateful! 

Special thank you to Michelle Carson for creating, organizing and, leading the charge!  Here are some highlights of our 2022 event and listings of our volunteer board members, community residents and, pre-event donations. 

Pre-Event Donations:

Brian Arquilla (Mountain Pacific Environmental Consultants Ltd.)

Connie Rauch (CJR Bookkeeping & Tax Services Inc.)

NWFR Firefighters Society Superstore (Vernon)

RDCO EA Director Carson (Grant-in-aid)

Joanne Borowsky (Salt Fowler ReMax)

Donna & Camille Steele (EXP Realty)

Maurice Greenwood (Century 21)

Ryan Hargreaves (La Casa Market)

Lisa Salt  (Salt Fowler ReMax)

Ron & Jan Graham

Gary & Shelley Scott

Community Residents

Greg MacKeen

Kathy Young

Su Casa Landscaping

Len & Donna George

Andrew & Michelle Coulter

Maurice & Michelle Greenwood

Board Members

Darryl Hordo (aka Easter Bunny)

Michelle Carson

Wendy Waters

Callie Simpson

Brandy Alexander

Eric Denison

Jaimie Dewar

Brooke Rohatyn

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