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Sun, Nov 19


Killiney Beach Community Hall


I am extremely excited to be bringing bounce dance classes to the people of Westside Road. Classes will be held at the Killiney Hall Sundays at 500PM starting OCTOBER 15TH!!! This is a Beginner 4 class session!

Registration is closed
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Nov 19, 2023, 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Killiney Beach Community Hall, 516 Udell Rd, Vernon, BC V1H 2C6, Canada


Because I am super excited to be introducing these classes to my neighbours of one of the best roads in BC …. I will be doing a promotion!

A 4 class session regular price is $80 plus a $15 boot rental fee.

$95 total

I am dropping the boot rental fee for this session. Total cost will be $80. Must be paid upon registering.

* Limited boots , first come bases, boots sized on shoe size

* DM to register and reserve your spot and boots!

* Registration closes OCTOBER 13th

Why a 4 class session commitment

I love for my clients to feel like they have learnt something each class , and to see that they are progressing each time they attend class.

Rebound dance classes are not something that can be taught or learnt in one class.

4 classes gives enough time to learn all the base moves that I use when putting together routines.  It allows you time to get use to how I instruct and call out moves with words and hand signals. It also gives your body a chance to get use to this type of cardio work out , to build your cardio up, your coordination and your confidence !

I feel that after the 4 class sessions of beginner , that you either love it or you don’t, and then you can decide to keep going building up each class there after with progress.

As progression is made in the first 4 weeks of the beginner session we move forward into a little more advanced moves and routines. With this workout we are constantly learning and trying new things , I’m still even learning .

I will always do 4 class sessions that you will need to sign up for. I believe that fitness needs commitment, so I commit to rental space for 4 classes  to commit to you committing to come to 4 classes.

All classes are beginner friendly, So there is never any worry that if you join after a beginner session that you won’t know what to do. I explain every move.

And you will find that this class is all on you.

You decide your own pace

You decide when you need a break

You do everything in this class geared towards you! There is never any pressure to do anything you aren’t ready for. This is your work out!

My main thing I want everyone to do is

Have fun

Keep your body moving

And listen to your body .

I aim to make you feel good about your attendance in class , I want you to leave class happy, refreshed and wanting to come back!


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