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May 2023 Flooding at Parkers Cove

Helping Parkers Cove


Our neighbouring community of Parkers Cove are struggling with the melting ice pack and rising flooding waters. Many homes are currently threatened and a portion are under evacuation order with no water service. The Parker Cove community, which has a large senior base, has been working around the clock the past few days doing the backbreaking manual work of loading sandbags to protect their homes.  We, neighbouring community members, understand their need and call to action.  NWCA board members have been aiding with sandbagging efforts.

As a community, we care deeply about our neighbors and want to help in any way we can. We reached out and got some donations of food and refreshments. On May 3, we dropped off 40 pizzas, water, fruit, pepperoni and cheese sticks, granola bars, muffins, cookies, and other food items to help relieve the stress and provide some nourishment to those affected. We are committed to helping our neighbors in any way we can and are grateful for the support!

Video courtesy of NWCA Secretary Director, Fawn Myndzak

A Big Thank you goes out NWCA supporter Ryan Hargreaves, from Lacasa Market who donated $500 that went to providing pizzas from Domino's to start the assistance efforts.  Thank YOU to Domino's Pizza in Vernon, BC for giving an incredible discount and for your crew who made up the pies with absolutely no notice!  Terry from Save-On-Foods, Village Green in Vernon BC, who helped us out with water and the ladies at Walmart VERNON, B.C. for understanding the need and making the gift of having snacks to fuel the volunteers working tirelessly a reality.  

Valued NWCA supporter, Heather Lastik, owner of COBS Bread on Anderson Way, has been out humbly offering her delicious baked buns, breads, and goodies to power the crews for multiple days.  

On Thursday, May 4, with heat recording at 30 degrees in Killiney and the sun beaming down, the efforts to fortify walls protecting properties continued.  Labour, water, and  more supplies were needed to support the efforts.  

PARKER 001.png

Donations and most importantly labour assistance has been reaching outside of our community from Armstrong to Salmon Arm as far as Kamloops. Kelowna residents have been turning up to shovel too. Strong willed and selfless are the people silently coming out to build the wall of sand.  The wall is absolutely massive and is currently doing the job of holding back devastation.

Please keep the help and donations coming as the volunteers are going to continue the battle.  For Friday, May 5th, CARSTAR Armstrong in collaboration with Advanced Solutions ( will be bringing in dinner from Subway to feed volunteers working hard.  Rest and bbq areas have been set up by Parker Cove residents for volunteers to recharge.

Over the last few years our community has been tested and results show that we are resilient and come back stronger and united.  This is what makes the Westside the Bestside.  

~ Jaimie Dewar, NWCA Communications Director

Check back here for updates!

Thank You for the Donations:

LaCasa Market


Save On Foods


parker 001_edited.jpg

Thank you to Jenny and Chris, owners of Su Casa Landscaping, for always stepping up and motivating us all to follow.

Jenny is the woman driving the effort and reached out to the NWCA board for support to purchase food and refreshments for hardworking crews.

We support the hard efforts of our North Westside Community Members and donated.


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